I am delighted to provide a letter of reference in respect of Nathan Bengey, Kanakas Total Gardens.

As a homeowner, I was challenged with the prospect of bringing beauty to a large urban land area that had been neglected for decades. Invasives had taken over much of the site, areas were badly overgrown and signature trees were in peril.

Over a three year period, Nathan not only worked the land site with determination and skill, he did so with care and attention to both cultural and ecological values inherent in the landscape. Nathan’s efforts revealed gorgeous rock borders, he encouraged natural regeneration of Garry Oak systems and he provided balanced attention to both specific and large needs in a site of this size.  Most importantly, Nathan responded to my queries and directions, in a most timely and considerate manner. He was always ready to engage in thorough and informed discussion about gardening and landscaping!

Nathan has made a demonstrable difference – for the better.  I would highly recommend Nathan Bengey as a gardener for any land site.

Linda Hannah


Kanakas Total Gardens did a great job pruning some fruit trees at our place, tidying up our vegetable garden beds, as well as generously sharing his wisdom about garden design and the ecosystem relationships within and among tress. What is most impressive about his wisdom is that he avoids easy answers (plant this apple tree here!) and promotes understanding the ecosystems that are larger than one’s plot of land (what apple trees are in the neighbourhood). His careful hands-on work and his greater vision of what matters make him a valuable part of the Victoria ecosystem!  Thanks!    Anita, UVic PhD Candidate studying the politics of the Carbon Footprint metaphor.

I met Nathan while we were both volunteering at Woodwynn Farms ( the project to help improve the life of homeless people) he in the Orchard and myself in the Garden.

He has subsequently carried out a masterful, discrete pruning of my large Garry Oak and most recently gently manicured my large, energetic, ornamental cherry trees.  My tall coniferous box hedge needed a trim and Nathan, armed only with his hand shears, did the work and nobody in the neighborhood had their peace and quiet disturbed.      Penny.   Brentwood Bay, B.C.

“Nathan was recommend to me by a friend after he had pruned a medium sized tree in her garden.

For me, Nathan pruned a very large maple tree which was overgrown and badly in need of a pruning.  He did the entire job using hand tools and was able to climb safely high into the tree.  At the end the tree had a nice shape and looked very much better.

Nathan worked hard and diligently.”          -Michael Darling, Sannich, British Columbia 2012.

Nathan Bengey has been my gardener, since February 2011, and I found Nathan to be a spectacular guy. What a find – was referred by another gardener. Nathan is reliable and thorough, and has done all the things with good skill, including trimming, planting, installing soil, and arborist tasks as well as, of course, weeding and cleanups, in damp weather too. I highly recommend Nathan not just for the art and steady hard work but also because of attitude and personality. Call if you have any questions. Maureen Shier, Royal Oak, BC,

Nathan, thanks for the great job you did in my back garden this morning. I’m super-impressed with your work ethic and your company’s eco-friendly philosophy. How cool is it to drive a truck fuelled with your own biofuel! I’m interested in adding some hostas, etc. from your nursery to my flower beds. We’ll be in touch. Cheryl Bevan-Gellor


  1. This is Lorraine from Island View Apartments on Beach Drive. We are so happy with all the work you have done here at IVA. Our gardens look great! so I thought I’d send an email.
    Priscilla recently bought an Azalea that she would like planted in the front garden if possible. It is currently in a big pot in the front garden whenever you can get around to it.Thanks Nathan..


  1. Nathan did a wonderful job on a very overgrown, difficult to clean up garden. As well as pruning some of our trees and in general making everything look good.

    We have more trees to be pruned and we will definitely be asking Nathan to come back to do the work as well as his advise on our garden.

    We could not be more pleased with his work.

  2. Nathan has been our gardener for a couple of years now and we are so pleased with how things are looking! Our property is large and the garden situation is quite complicated. Some of our garden was quite overgrown and I’m afraid it had suffered from neglect for a few years. Nathan has rehabilitated things marvellously! He is always pleasant, reliable, knowledgeable and we appreciate also his attention to costs.

    Among our many garden challenges was the lake that appeared in the back yard every winter. We had several estimates re the drainage, all involving thousands of dollars and much disruption. Nathan organized and implemented the digging of two strategically placed drainage channels that have taken care of the drainage problem. The cost was minimal.

    Nathan is truly talented and conscientious and we would highly recommend his gardening company.

    Barb Catterall

  3. Dear Nathan,
    Re: Gardening & Pruning of Trees at 1713 Mamich Circle on 24th March
    We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did on Monday March 24th. Your team arrived on time and completed, as promised, within the ten hour timeframe you estimated. The front and back lawns look great, and we were very impressed with how well you pruned the trees. The whole ‘garden effect’ looks much tidier.
    In part thanks to the ‘curbside appeal’ you and your team created in the front, it only took a few days to show and sell our house.
    In short, our experience with Kanakas Total Gardens has been one of excellence. You met our expectations in time and budget, and we found all of you to be reasonable and very pleasant to work with.
    We wish you every success in developing your excellent business.

    Sincerely Yours

    Robert Sorley

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