• Prune the tallest trees on your property with our Arborists and tree surgeons.
  • Structurally prune shrubs and trees with our Horticulturalists. 
  • Maintain your property to the highest standard of attention to details with hand powered tools.
  • Cultivate domestic lands with native & domesticated grasses and wild wildflowers.


Eco friendly: 

  • Hand power is our main fuel, less noise for a peaceful garden with little  to no gas powered machines. The lasting effect of Peace is left in a garden…”In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.” ~Robert Brault.


  • Believes that the best way for a garden to be maintained and structured is with eco-friendly, hands on work. It is very important to be able to get to know the soil, plants and trees intimately while working on and designing the garden of your dreams.


We still offer services in the Victoria Crd where the bussiness was founded.

As well as our new location in England

Frome,Somerset and surrounding area.  Call 01373485008

Horticulturist, Landscape Horticulturist and Arboriculturist



I am delighted to provide a letter of reference in respect of Nathan Bengey, Kanakas Total Gardens.

As a homeowner, I was challenged with the prospect of bringing beauty to a large urban land area that had been neglected for decades. Invasives had taken over much of the site, areas were badly overgrown and signature trees were in peril.

Over a three year period, Nathan not only worked the land site with determination and skill, he did so with care and attention to both cultural and ecological values inherent in the landscape. Nathan’s efforts revealed gorgeous rock borders, he encouraged natural regeneration of Garry Oak systems and he provided balanced attention to both specific and large needs in a site of this size.  Most importantly, Nathan responded to my queries and directions, in a most timely and considerate manner. He was always ready to engage in thorough and informed discussion about gardening and landscaping!

Nathan has made a demonstrable difference – for the better.  I would highly recommend Nathan Bengey as a gardener for any land site.

Linda Hannah



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